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Companies that work with S.A.W. Capital Partners are afforded many value added benefits. We provide whatever help you need to feel confident you’re on the right path every step of the way. As your peer, partner, and confidant, we encourage you to determine what your business requires to succeed. We’ll help you realize your goals with personalized, thoughtful support.

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Our businesses

Private Equity (Distressed Assets)

We seek to acquire primary debt, real estate, and operating assets. Distressed assets may be a fit if an event-driven increase in value can be identified of if the underlying assets are substantially undervalued and of strategic importance.

Venture Capital

Here at S.A.W. Capital Partners, we invest in early and growth stage companies in the technology and consumer sectors. We’re looking to help today’s entrepreneurs find success through their innovative goods, products, and services. We allocate venture capital with a barbell strategy of actively managed early-stage ventures and passive late-stage investments.

What we invest in

Early- and Growth-Stage Companies

You have your operations in place, but you need some help scaling your business for growth – this is precisely where S.A.W. Capital Partners can help! We focus on taking equity positions in early-stage tech companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Pre-money valuation under $10MM
  • Capital-efficient operations
  • A highly scalable business model operating in a large, expanding market
  • A management team that is coachable, diverse, and sales-focused with a demonstrated record of success
  • Located in North America
Late-Stage Investments

We work with late-stage companies to inject working capital, while the company continues on its own identified growth trajectory. We assume little authority; instead, we rely on an alignment of goals with our investment partners and company management. Potential investments should demonstrate the following:

  • Tangible progress toward a defined exit. We like to see engaged investment bankers, completed S-1 filings, and interested buyers
  • Strong macro-level support driving competitive market demand for equity
  • Rapid revenue growth and profitability or near-profitability

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